Saturday, December 23, 2006


Choose Python. Choose readability.
Choose the simple over the complex and
the complex over the complicated. Choose
dynamic typing. Choose duck typing.
Choose decorators. Choose generators.
Choose metaclasses if you don't value
your sanity. Choose to import this. Choose
an almost-fanatical devotion to the BDFL,
unless he comes up with something like
optional static typing, in which case choose
to whine about it in your blog until he stops.
Choose Effbot. Choose Timbot. Choose
wx. Choose to come up with a bloody implementation
before spouting off on
comp.lang.python or Python-Dev. Choose
the explicit rather than the implicit. Choose
one obvious way to do it, especially if you
are Dutch. Choose list comprehensions.
Choose Paul Graham's essays and
s/LISP/Python/g. Choose Jython when
your marketing people choose Java.
Choose speed of development over speed
of execution, but when in doubt, import
psyco. Choose to finish early and laugh at
your colleagues as they waste their miserable
lives bowing down in subservience to
that sadistic little C++ compiler.
Choose Python.
Choose your __future__

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